"Midwinter In Seoul" by Yoonkee Kim

Yoonkee Kim and Gallomo present 
"Midwinter In Seoul" 
Starring Yoonkee Kim 
camera: Yoonkee Kim and Boram Lee 
acoustic piano: Yoonkee Kim 
December 2017
Three End-of-Year Questions for Yoonkee

1. What was the song that you listened to the most in 2017?

- Star by Primal Scream.

2. What was the best thing that happened to you in 2017?

- Entertainment Rambo Tour in Japan.

3. If you can name a movie title for your life in 2017, what would you name it? 

- ..... Asparagus.



2000年代半ばに彗星のごとく現れそして消え、そしてカムバックを果たしたソウル出身のじーにあすシンガーソングライター、Yoonkee Kim(以下ユンキー)。私の中では韓国のSimon Finn(イギリスのアシッドフォークシンガー、1970年にハートが痛む名盤"Pass the Distance"をリリースした後忽然と姿を消し、死んだかと思われていたが2000年代半ばに突如音楽活動を再開し蘇りを果たした強者)とこっそり呼んでいます。

今年の8月、フェスのアテンド仕事で韓国を訪れた際にユンキーに出会い、rotten.com(激グロサイト、ほんと見ないほうがいいよ)の話から友達となり、先月ユンキーが新譜"ENTERTAINMENT RAMBO"を引っさげ大阪と東京にツアーで訪れた際、再会を果たしました。大阪で途方に暮れてラーメンを食べたりユンキーの東京在住の親友ナンペイさんに出会ったら彼が裸足だったので驚いたりと色々ありました。Forest LimitでのDJイベントでユンキーがBeat HappeningのIndian Summerをプレイしたときは一方的にですが彼が世間から姿を消した空白の時間、止まったままの時空のゆがみを感じました。エモい!



I met this talented musician/artist Yoonkee Kim back in August this year in Seoul.
His music got popular back in mid 2000 in Japan but he disappeared for a while, and came back to this world again recently with tons of his new art and music. 

I remember that it was a hot day at the rooftop of cakeshop when I first met him, we talked about rotten.com and that was the beginning of our friendship.
He came to Japan on his new release "ENTERTAINMENT RAMBO" tour at the end of November and we hang out a lot, after the tour I had a chance to go visit Seoul again early this month so we hang out more and shared lots of good food and fun times. He's one of the most talented musicians/artists that I've ever met who has such a pure soul and mind.

The movie above, is the short movie that Yoonkee made for gallomo. Seoul is cold but my friends there are so amazingly warm! (Thank you Yoonkee and Boram!)


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